Coffee in the Rain Update

Update is happening on Sunday, 20 June at 9pm.

The new bases prices and info are as follow:

Merino 4P ¥2700

・100% SW Extrafine Merino, 4-ply, 400m/100g BFL Twist ¥2700

・ 100% SW Bluefaced Leicester (BFL) High Twist, 2-ply, 365m/100g

Sparkle Lace ¥2800

・ 75% Extrafine Merino, 20% Silk, 5% Silver Stellina, 2-ply, 800m/100g

About the price increment that was mentioned the other day, it’s decided that Merino Singles and Sock bases will be ¥2700 from now on. Thank you for your understanding.

Other than these, there’ll also be Sparkle Sock, Silky Merino Lace and ASCA Lace. Of course, colors other than the ones shown will also be available.

Top row from left:藤美、千紫万紅、MochaChocoLatte、妖精と遊び、幸畑 Bottom row from left:梅雨、Reservoir of Succulents、雨が天地を繋げる、♡ and Thunderstorm、雨中珈琲

From left:Moss Code、Lady Murasaki、Carrot Smoothie、陽、天上のお茶

If you are interested to know more about how the naming came by, check it out in our Instagram

That's not all, to commemorate ITOBITO’s 1st Anniversary, we are giving out free gifts. Order of 1 skein and above will receive a Macaron Stitch Marker Tin Can. Cute right! They are easily slipped into a project bag so it’s convenient to bring it along with your knitting! There are limited availability so while stocks last!

On top of that, even though it’s a tin can, it may break during mailing so I’ll do my best to wrap it properly but in any case, I hope you’ll understand this situation.

See you in the update!