Introducing Summer Colors・夏色の紹介

こんにちは!今月のショップアップデートは今週の日曜日(21日)、朝11時に行います。夏色を販売し、前回の色いくつも再入荷をします。ぜひ、来てくださいね! Hello! This month's update will happen on Sunday, 21 June at 11am. Summer colors will be on sale! Some previously introduced colors will also be restocked. Do drop by!


Here are the list of 5 summer inspired colorways!

海の万華鏡・Kaleidoscope of the Sea

This colorway has a blend of blue and purple with speckles that resembles the life and jewels of the sea. Summer is always paired with the sea so I think this is a suitable addition to the collection.

森よ、聞いてくれ!・Forest, Listen to Me!

The lush greeneries of rainforests and a blend of different kind of greens are what inspired this colorway. The name was inspired by the acclaimed manga by Hiroaki Samura, 'Wave, Listen to Me!'

日光花火・Daylight Fireworks

A great representation of summer in Japan is unmistakably the amazing fireworks display! I love the idea of fireworks at sunset. I think it's very romantic! I hope the idea is properly conveyed in this colorway.

晴天の流星・Clear Sky Shooting Stars

This is inspired by the very first time experiencing summer morning in Japan. By 5am, the sky is already bright and sunny. That was when I daydreamed, what if there's a shooting star happening right now, are we able to see it?


This colorway was thought up when I was daydreaming. I hope dreams will always be sweet and light, just like these colors. Maybe I should have named it 'Midsummer Day's Dream'... Nah, too cliche!

How do you like these colors? Do you have a favourite? They will be available in merino singles and sock yarn on the June update. See you!