Luxe Cashmere

100% Cashmere, handspun 2-ply, 220m/50g

Luxe Cashmere DK

100% Cashmere, handspun 2-ply, 110m/50g

Luxe Yak DK

100% Tibetan Yak, handspun 2-ply, 110m/50g

Luxe Baby Camel DK

100% Baby Camel, handspun 2-ply, 110m/50g

If you’re looking to splurge during this time of the year, this is for you. ITOBITO Luxe consist of the most luxurious fibre ranging from 100% cashmere, baby camel and Tibetan yak. We will add on to the line whenever we discover luxurious fibers that match the requirement.

In this update we will be presenting the following yarns. These bases will be sold in pairs and stocks in limited quantity. Should you wish to purchase more than the current stock and or wish for them in different color, please contact us.

ITOBITO Luxe will start sale from tonight's update, 12 December at 8pm, JPT.