Very Merry Sock Sets

On the 1st day of Christmas my true love sent to me...! A set of ITOBITO Very Merry Sock set!

クリスマスが大好き!周りの雰囲気が明るくなって幸せな感じをしますから。今回のアップデートでたくさん、たくさんソックスセットを紹介したいです!12セットがありますよ!12セットからワクワク選ばせたら嬉しいです。3つのソックスベースが4セットづつでミニカセと組合しました。新しいソックスベース、Sparkle Sockは80% Superwash Extrafine Merino 15% Nylon と 5% Gold Stellinaから作ります。せっかくクリスマスなのでキラピカの毛糸が楽しいですね!そして、触感ありのTweed Sockもセットに組合します。最後、ITOBITO Sockベースはもちろん!各セットは2つミニカセを付いています。ミニカセはいつも通りのSockベースです。次の発表はミニカセセットかしら?お楽しみに待ってください!



Christmas is one of my favourite festivities of the year! I love how the celebration brings joy to the surrounding whether celebrating or not. In this update, we are presenting a load, and I do mean, a load of sock sets. We have 12 of them! 12 sets for you to choose from! They are available in 3 different sock bases with 2 attaching mini skeins. There will be 4 sets in our usual Sock base, 4 sets in new Sparkling Socks base and 4 sets in Tweed Sock base (yes, they are back!). Attaching mini skeins will be in our usual Sock base. We are introducing Sparkling Sock base for the extra sparkle to jump in the bandwagon of glitter and festive feel! We also brought back the Tweed Sock base for the fun texture. Sounds good? What's better is that we ALSO have Mini Skeins Set(s)! That's right, more will be revealed soon!

Sock Patterns

You may wonder what pattern should you make with 2 attaching mini skeins. Well, fear not, we are here to help! Here are some wonderful sock patterns handpicked just for you ;D Hope these beautiful sock patterns will help you kickstart your sock knitting bug this winter!