Winter Colors Add-on + New Bases




さて、下の左からはHarmony、点心(食べ物と同じ名前)、Cheers、PeaceとBlissです。上の左から可愛いsemi-solidで Sea Foam、Rock Star、Peach Perfect、Lake HouseとFrozenです。色が全部Sock, Merino DKとSara Suriベースで販売します。詳しくはこちらへチェックしてください。


In this update, we would like to introduce new colors and bases! Very exciting!

Winter Colors Add-on First off are 10 new colors, well one of them made an appearance in the last update but we are going to properly introduce them today. The theme we worked on for this collection was 'Gratitude'. It has not been an easy year to a lot of us. For me, I'm counting my lucky stars that our livelihood has not changed so far. And it's a blessing that I'm thankful for. Wherever you are, I hope you are doing fine and dandy.

On the main picture, from the bottom left are Harmony, Dimsum, Cheers!, Peace and Bliss. We are gradually introducing some semi-solid colors and in this update there are 5 new ones, on the top row from the left are Sea Foam, Rock Star, Peach Perfect, Lake House and Frozen.

All these colors are available in Sock base and also 2 brand new bases namely Merino DK and Sara Suri. You can find out more about our bases here.