Yumemiru Shawl Kit 2nd Batch


I hope everyone is doing fine despite the heavy rain for the last few days. Preparations for Yumemiru kits are going smoothly and I feel so productive! It’s so fun to see what everyone chose for their pairing. I really can’t, can’t wait to see the result of the shawl! And I’m very happy some of you contacted me to discuss about color pairings. Thank you for believing in me :)

I also got messages saying that they couldn’t make a purchase because the kits went out of stock so fast. I’m so sorry! I’m making up for it by putting up another batch of pre-orders. However, since I ran out of ASCA Lace, and I just found out that I have very little Silky Merino Lace left, I’m putting up 2 different bases for you. Silky Merino Lace and Merino Singles Lace, which is also another unreleased base. Merino Singles Lace is made up of 100% Superwash Merino, 800m/100g. So here’s the breakdown of the kits:

Kit C - Silky Merino Lace + Moko Mohair

Kit D - Silky Merino Lace + Moko Mohair (x2)

Kit E - Merino Singles Lace + Moko Mohair

Kit F - Merino Singles Lace + Moko Mohair (x2)

These are 4 different kits so please be careful when making your purchase. They are available from 8pm tonight until 21 Aug. If I manage to finish them by the 1st week of Sept, these orders will go out together with the previous batch. If not, they will be sent out on the 2nd week of Sept. Again, don’t hesitate to contact me for color discussions!

All lace yarns will continue to be on 10% off until end of the week.