About #YumemiruKAL


This is a KAL for Yumemiru Shawl and it's sister pattern, Kochou Cardigan. These shawl and cardigan are knitted up with a strand of lace weight yarn held together with a strand of mohair yarn. Due to it's simple and basic construction, this triangular shawl and top down cardigan is recommended even for beginners.

What is a KAL?

A KAL is a knit-along whereby everyone knit together with a single cause in mind. When held in Instagram and other social medias, a KAL hashtag will be used to gather like-minded knitters. You could comment on each other's posts, giving likes and so forth, have fun with it! And most important of all, enjoy it at your own pace.

Date and Venue Period: 1 - 30 September 2021

Venue: Instagram with the hashtag #YumemiruKAL

Participating Patterns

*Yumemiru Shawl will be released on 1 September. Please find the necessary materials in this page.

Information about purchasing patterns (Japanese only)



Participation Related

How to participate

  1. Choose a participating pattern.

  2. Post progress and completion pictures with the hashtags below. As this is an event where everyone shares their progress, do post pictures throughout the KAL like yarn selections and the likes and not just the finished object.

  3. Check out other participants' posts through the KAL's hashtags.

Hashtags to use

  • #YumemiruKAL: Use this on all posts related to the KAL, from yarn choices, progress and completion

  • #YumemiruKAL_完成: This is a hashtag used for application for a prize draw. To know more about application process, please check out 'Prizes & How to' section

Other related hashtags

Please add on any hashtags that are related to the KAL such as #yuccaknit #ITOBITO and the likes.

After KAL Hashtag

  • #YumemiruKAL_放課後: After the KAL period, please use this hashtag to share your content so that whoever within this category could strive to complete their projects

Prizes & How to

How to apply for a prize lottery draw

  • You can apply for a prize lottery draw after posting more than once and completing an entry within the KAL period.

  • Insert both #YumemiruKAL_完成 and #YumemiruKAL hashtags in your completion posts to complete your entry.

  • You can apply once per project. If you have completed 2 different projects, you can enter twice.

  • Post a picture that properly shows that the project is completed. If you wish to post multiple pictures in a post, show the overall view of the project first.

  • Application for a prize is optional. Only those who are interested may include the prize entry hashtag.

  • Please check your post after inserting the corresponding hashtags. If you've inserted the correct hashtags but not shown in their respective pages, please contact us via the contact form before the end of the KAL.


1st Prize: ITOBITO Moko Mohair 1 skein x 1 winner I will be doing the honors to draw 1 lucky winner from the #YumemiruKAL_完成 tag

2nd Prize: Yucca's Knitting Patterns 2 patterns x 1 winner

Yucca will be doing the honors to draw 1 lucky winner from the #YumemiruKAL tag (there's chance to win even if your project is not completed)

Sponsored by Yucca: Website Instagram

*We will be contacting the winners on Instagram via DM. Please make sure that your setting allows you to receive messages. For patterns, please choose from Yucca's Ravelry Store and they will be sent as gifts via Ravelry.

Rules & Others

Rules & Requests

  • Please set your Instagram account to public.

  • Do not post any parts or sections of the knitting patterns except for the main page

  • You can participate even when you've casted on any one of the participating patterns. You can also choose to retire in the midst of the KAL. Entries completed before the starting of the KAL are excluded.

  • Although your are free to participate in other ongoing KALs, please abide by the KALs' rules. Please refrain from applying for multiple prizes with the same work. Prize application for this KAL is optional, you could just join us without applying.

  • Remember to stay healthy throughout the KAL!

  • For those who purchased a copy of the pattern, please refrain from duplicating, reproducing and reselling.

  • To understand how to use Instagram, please consult the Instagram Help Center.

  • Please check out this page for information on how to purchase and download pattern.

  • If you feel that you have broken some of these rules, please do not hesitate to contact us.


  • If you have questions that requires a direct reply, or questions about yarn purchases, please use the contact form to contact us.

  • If you have any questions regarding the KAL, please contact us using the contact form or DM us on Instagram.